For Real Estate Professionals

If you are a Realtor, home builder or residential real estate developer, SpaceScapes is your secret weapon no matter what the market is doing. Partnering with our team of professionals to emphasize your listing’s best features gives you a competitive advantage. Services include:

    • Occupied houses – We start with an on-site consultation to provide you or the homeowner with a comprehensive list of strategies to make the listed property¬†look and show its best. Staging is more than interior decorating; it will give your listing a lasting first impression on the MLS that will have interested buyers asking to see more. The owners can implement our recommendations themselves, we will do it for them, or work with them as a team.
    • Vacant houses – Most buyers have a hard time seeing an empty house and visualizing themselves living in it. Furnished rooms actually appear larger, more welcoming, better maintained, and “move-in ready.” In addition to providing furniture, accessories and art, we make recommendations for repairs and updates and coordinate with contractors when needed. The result is a house that appears bigger, brighter, and more appealing. It will photograph well for your MLS listing, be easier to show, and narrow the number of days between listing and closing.
    • If circumstances will not allow the home to be staged until it sells, SpaceScapes can create one-room or multiple-room vignettes for the purpose of online and brochure photography or an open house. Since 84% of buyers shop the MLS online before asking their real estate agent for a showing, their first impression is through photography. Temporary or virtual staging and photography can mean the difference between showing your listing and being passed over for a house with better pics. (Keep in mind that these tactics will get buyers to the door, but virtual staging will not elicit the same emotional response that a buyer feels when they walk into a house that is staged.)

In a competitive real estate market, developers, builders and agents need to use every tool at their disposal. By recommending SpaceScapes services to your clients, you’ll be providing solutions and strategies for the entire process of selling a home and moving into a new one. (Click on “For Homeowners” in the menu bar above to see a list of services we can provide for your clients.)