Our Approach

We know there is no cookie-cutter approach to managing your unique situation or life’s transitions. SpaceScapes has a wealth of knowledge, training and certifications to assist you, as well as a network of allied professionals we can call on to expand our team to meet your particular needs. Our priority is to help you succeed in the task at hand. Some examples include:

  • REDESIGN – We help you redesign your living space to match your sense of color and decor for the lifestyle that you enjoy, keeping comfort, function, and budget in mind. We start by reusing what you have and love, sometimes repurposing, and when necessary recycling before we bring in anything new.
  • ORGANIZING – We help you organize your space so that you find balance and a renewed energy for living. We will help you sort the things in your rooms, closets, garage, attic and/or storage unit so you can decide what to sell, what to donate, and what to keep. We recommend options for getting the most for the belongings you decide to sell — from auctions to estate sales, consignment to yard sales, Craigslist to eBay.
  • HOME STAGING – Whether your house is occupied or vacant when you sell it, we stage it to appeal to the largest market of potential buyers and accentuate the home’s best features. Staging gives buyers vision and helps them fall in love with the house, so that it sells more quickly and profitably.
  • MOVE MANAGEMENT – If you are moving, we help you organize for a smooth transition — everything from help with packing, storage and transportation, to setting up your new space so that it meets your needs and budget while delighting your senses.
  • COMMERCIAL, INSTITUTIONAL – We help you redesign or renovate your office to express your brand and create an environment where you can be innovative, focused and productive.


Miller Shire

SpaceScapes’ president and founder, Miller Shire, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients. Her gift is to listen carefully, start with the furnishings you already have, and develop a customized design that matches your intentions, sense of style and budget.

Miller came to interior decorating through the door of Feng Shui. In that discipline, she learned that everything has energy, everything is connected, and everything is constantly changing. She came to understand that peoples’ homes and offices, their living and working environments, affect them profoundly… they are the mirrors to who we are. Miller was intrigued with the power of transformation: how making changes to a physical space can shift one’s perception and thus transform the ways people live, work and interact with each other.

Miller has been in the interior decorating, real estate staging and professional organizing business for more than ten years. She is certified in:

  • Redesign and Interior Decorating
  • Home Staging
  • Feng Shui
  • Green Design
  • Color with No Regrets
  • One Day Move-In.